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Marie - Deep south & imperial city Tours of Morocco
I just wanted to confirm our back and thank you again for your interventions. I personally as well as the whole group, very much appreciated this magnificent trip to Morocco..
Every day was dazzling and we came to the conclusion that each new site discovered made us forget the previous one A little word also to talk about our guide who was very caring throughout the stay who knew how to understand our expectations, who booked us some good surprises and always in a good mood.




Tracy - Tour of Morocco


Spacial thanks to our Moroccan Partner Octav Tour for the perfect organization of this trip, the professionalism. We were able to discover this wonderful country in all its diversity in complete peace of mind, because it was  perfectly free of logistical worries !




Ginette - Deep South of Morocco

Here we are back from the trip, still amazed by all that it has allowed us to discover.
Conclusion: This trip is perfect! Thank you Octav Tour





Rim - Deep south & imperial city Tours of Morocco

Nous voici revenus de voyage, encore émerveillés par tout ce qu’il nous a permis de découvrir.

Conclusion :Ce voyage est parfait ! Merci Octav Tour


Yasmina BENCHEKROUN - Travel to Iran 
Thank you for this captivating trip to Iran, far from prejudice! this Persian people, so refined with a civilization several thousand years old, is of rare hospitality. We discovered a modern and largely educated society. Its mosques with a thousand colors, its breathtaking ancient sites, its unique cultural richness delighted us. Thanks to Octav Tour who showed great professionalism, our trip was masterfully organized, your international and national, hotels, English-speaking guide and driver throughout the stay which was very significant! Once again Thank you Octav Tour






Eric - Moroccan Tour

Congratulations to Octav Tour for organizing this exceptional trip from start to finish! See you soon for new adventures with you...






A.Rym - Morocco!

This little message to express to you all our satisfaction with our superb trip to Morocco! Thanks to Ilham for all his magnificent and rigorous work to make our trip a real success.





D.Meryem - Travel to Istanbul

Here we are back from our great trip to Istanbul! still amazed by everything he has allowed us to discover..

Conclusion: This trip is perfect Thank you Octav Tour!






Choukri - Travel to Budrum Rurkey

We would like to thank you for the perfect organization of our splendid trip to Bodrum! We were able to discover this wonderful seaside town, these beaches, excursions, tours... breathtaking. Thank you also for combining 2 nights in Istanbul to make our trip rather complete and pleasant .







Gaurav - African Congress - Marrakech Morocco

I would like to thank the Octav Tour agency for its excellent work in organizing our one-week Symposium in Marrakech with the participation of a large number of African countries. This is one of the most successful conferences I have attended! The organization of Octav Tour is rare!! at all levels, namely: The choice of hotel, assistance with visa procedures for some African participants, dispatching and management of rooming lists, planning of a clear, well-detailed agenda, timing of meetings, transfers from Casablanca to Marrakech, deluxe vehicles, assistance with individual check-ins, meetings, coffee breaks, meals, gala dinner, excursion with qualified national guides, management of extras, assistance throughout the stay... In short, A TOP jobI highly recommend this agency. Once again thank you!



International Congress Greffe - Casablanca Morocco

A successful congress, a strong participation this year with an always remarkable success...
Associate president: Me and all the members of the office, we are very happy with the success of our congress – Thank you very much to the whole team of Octav Tour for its organization
Participants: Morocco/France/Mauritania/Algeria/Tunisia – 350 pax




National Congress of Endocrinology Casablanca - Morocco

ParticipantsMorocco – Number 120 pax

Responsible ; Thank you for your efforts and your professionalism - It was well done!


International Pediatric Congress Marrakech - Morocco

UA successful congress, a strong participation and a remarkable success...

President of the association : Me and all the members of the office are very happy with the success of our annual pediatric congress this year – Thank you very much

Participants : Morocco/France/Mauritania/Algeria/Tunisia/Libya – 650 pax

National Pediatric Congress Marrakech - Morocco
National Congress of Medecal Sciences - Casablanca - Morocco
The agency organizes for the 10th consecutive year the annual congress of medical sciences in Casablanca.
Professor & President of the association: Impeccable! I would like to thank the Octav Tour team for their availability, professionalism and kindness. the reason was a remarkable success.- Regards
Participants: Morocco/France/Mauritania/Algeria/Tunisia – 550 peop

UEMS International Congress - Morocco
The agency successfully organized the 60th year of UEMS in Casablanca.
Professor & President of the association: Organization at the Top! I would like to thank the Octav Tour team for their efficiency, professionalism and assistance. the reason was a very very remarkable success..
Participants: Morocco/France – 220 people



3rd Colloquium in Africa GERES - Casablanca - Morocco

We had been chosen as the local organizing agency of the 3rd Colloquium in Africa GERES France which took place in Casablanca
The program has been designed to provide multiple opportunities for scholarly interaction with faculty members. Sufficient time is allocated for general discussion.
The program includes: sessions, meeting rooms, coffee breaks, "sponsors & partners" exhibition area, buffet lunches and dinners, drinks, farewell dinner, several choices of venues for themed dinners... Tickets of planes
The office and organizers: memorable moments for all of us and it is a 100% successful Colloquium – Thank you Ilham
Participants: France/Morocco/Algeria/Tunisia/Mauretania/Mali/other African countries – Number 150 pax

And many others...


These are examples of recent events we have organised.
NB: for the confidential purpose, the name of the company cannot be exposed.